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Introducing the Bad NYC Apartment Blotter: “I’m not your super" super, centipedes on UES, and more

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By Teri Karush Rogers  |
October 5, 2010 - 8:25AM

Transparency and accountability in the rental market?  We're all for it, which is why we asked the guys behind to help us produce this inaugural edition of the Bad NYC Apartment Blotter.

The reports below were filed on by renters who hope to warn away future tenants. You can view full reports and addresses by clicking on the link after each entry; share your advice and stories here in the comments.

Williamsburg (Manhattan Ave)

[T]he power was out for 9 days in the height of summer, and I had to go to hell and back again to get an electrician to address it. First, we couldn't get ahold of the office (more on that later), so we got the number of the off-site super from Con Edision. I visited him at the address provided, and he brushes me off, telling me, "I'm not your super" and then after 10 minutes of pleading with him outside his apartment, he relents - in fact he is my super - and comes out and gives me a key to the basement, where the breakers are held. Again, this is in the height of summer and our apartment is effectively a sauna.….

In general, the office is extremely unresponsive - on my most recent call to them (due to a plumbing problem) their answering machine reported literally: "we'll be out for a week, please don't leave a message" [Full report]

Upper East Side (E. 83rd)

  • the large bedroom has bad insulation so there was a stream of wind seeping through the bricks during the winter
  • there was NO hot water during popular morning hours (esp during the winter) - 7- 8 am
  • we had cockroaches
  • the front bedroom had centipedes because of the mold from the neighboring bathroom
  • it was AWFUL... [Full report]

West Village (Hudson Street)

You might find this apartment attractive if you like living above a bar. I made the mistake of viewing this apartment during the day and not going by there at night or weekend when the bar on the ground floor was in full swing. The speakers must be mounted on the ceiling because I get a constant vibration from the bass while trying to sleep. I've had to sleep with the TV on, a fan running and ear plugs just to tolerate it. The bar also has access to a storage closet that's in the stairwell so when they have a big event going on, you'll find the hall to the stairs lined with bar stools to make room for their crowd…Also note the super doesn't have keys to any of the apartments so if you have a problem, you have to be there to let them in. [Full report]

Upper West Side (W. 79th Street)

This building has severe electrical issues. Our power went out frequently due to such minor things as running an air conditioner and toaster at the same time. The landlord and super were unresponsive about it, telling [us] it's an old brownstone and that's how they all are. Frustrating to say the least, especially since we had no knowledge of this when signing the lease or moving in. [Full report]

East New York (Warwick Street)

  • Windows are old.
  • Holes around windows where air comes in; freezing in winter.
  • Ceiling nails coming out.
  • The tub is old, stained and rusted.
  • Foul odor comes out of air vents.
  • Landlord wont fix anything. When you tell him he says he doesn't have to fix anything. [Full report]

What would you do? NYC's renters want to know!  Leave a comment, a sympathy note or your own story below.  Lawyers, landlords, and HPD folks - we'd love to hear from you too.

Teri Rogers Headshot - Floral

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