We have a winner!!

By Teri Karush Rogers | June 28, 2010 - 1:33PM

Thanks to everyone who shared their apartment peeves as part of our portable air conditioner contest last week, sponsored by the chill folks at Air-Conditioner-Home.com.

We heard tales ranging from a left-handed fridge in a right-handed kitchen to a self-loathing woodpecker that has broken the same window three times after spying his own reflection. 

The winning entry comes from Katie in Brooklyn:

Whoever designed our apartment decided to make one wall of the dining area the "entry" closet.  So when we need to hang up jackets and sweatshirts several times daily, we have to move dining table chairs (it's not a huge area and we have only a small table) to get the bifold doors open, put stuff away, then close the doors and move the chairs back. It's such a hassle we end up leaving our outerwear hanging on the backs of the chairs.  

In the master bedroom, someone decided to remove the closet to make the bedroom larger.  So we have to hang clothing in the closet in our 3 year old's room or in the small linen closet.

We can't do anything about Katie's closets, but we can help her keep her cool: Katie gets to choose between a brand new portable a/c ($399 value) or an a/c-heater combo ($439 value).





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