The Rental Market

12 things your NYC neighbors are thinking right now

By Teri Karush Rogers | May 27, 2010 - 1:08PM

Sometimes when we look at the Google searches that bring people to BrickUnderground, we can practically see the HBO pilot rising from the sturm and drang of a NYC vertical dweller's life.

Here's a sampling of what your neighbors were thinking/stewing about on a single day this week--money, sex, power, bed's all right there at home:

  • I'm not apologizing to a doorman
  • My dog won't shut up
  • My neighbors scream at their children NYC
  • Laws about condo boards showing financial statements to owners
  • Getting fios installed in my building in Manhattan
  • Manhattan apartment sex noise
  • How to piss off a real estate agent
  • I overpaid a contractor what should I do?
  • What to wear to a co-op board interview
  • Bedbugs in storage units
  • My next door neighbor is a smoker
  • Treating garbage chute roaches
And we thought we had a rough day.
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