BrickUnderground NY: Vertical living demystified

By Teri Karush Rogers | March 22, 2010 - 7:05AM 
vertical living demystified.jpg

Way back in May when BrickUnderground launched, we set out to inform and connect New York City apartment owners, in part because we wanted to choose one thing and do it well.

But it turns out a lot of the stuff we’ve been writing about is kind of interesting to renters too…like our holiday tipping guide, loud neighbor-sex survey, and pretty much any insight into what your doorman is really thinking, to name a few.

This weekend we made the de facto official:  We changed our tagline to “vertical living demystified" -- a catchy way of  saying we're all about the art & science of NYC apartment dwelling, whether you own or lease your domestic skybox.

Our essential mission remains unchanged. We aim to break down walls between NYC neighbors and bring you answers to things you always wondered about and things you didn’t know you wanted to know until you heard them here.

Stay tuned later this spring for our redesign, intended to make it easier to locate everything you want under one roof.

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