12 ways to throw a board interview

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Over on StreetEasy, a buyer wants to know how to sabotage his co-op board interview--and thereby walk away from the deal with his deposit in hand.

Though not all the suggestions were serious, taken together they offer a pretty fair inventory of the anxieties of your average co-op board:

1.   Ask about running for the board and mention how you’d like to “shake things up”

2.   Ask about having five dogs in the apartment

3.   Tell them about your complex renovation plans

4.   Don’t shower for a few days beforehand

5.   Tell them you’re having financial difficulties

6.   Bring a picture of your pet monkey

7.   Tell them you plan to run a business in your apartment

8.   Mention that your StreetEasy name is “bassplayer”

9.   Tell them you are lawsuit happy.

10. Ask if there are any rules against displaying Satanic symbols outside your doors and windows.

11. Tell them of the time and money you devote to White Supremacy causes

12.  Appear slightly aggressive and unhinged with annoying hobbies

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