What your apartment is worth right now

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How much total do you plan to tip the building staff this year?

When it comes to analyzing the current state of the market, we are huge fans of UrbanDigs. Its brutally frank founder, Noah Rosenblatt, is a former Wall Street trader and current real estate broker who writes some of the smartest NYC market analysis we've seen anywhere.

Here's what he has to say today about what your NYC apartment would probably sell for right now:

HIGH END ($5M+) - down aprox 28% - 38% from peak
HIGH/MIDDLE ($2M - $5M) - down aprox 23% - 28% from peak
MID END ($1M - $2M) - down aprox 18% to 23% from peak
LOWER END (Under $1M) - down aprox 15% - 20% from peak
*NOTE: approximations of where price points seem to be trading must always take into account any one unit's unique identifying features (light, view, raw space, renovations, layout, outdoor space, monthly expenses, bldg amenities, etc.)

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