Twittering doorman tweets no more

By Teri Karush Rogers | August 4, 2009 - 1:10PM

As Curbed reports this afternoon, sometime after the real estate site picked up our recent post about the now infamous Twittering doorman, the liveried commentator's feed and blog went dark.  

We are trying to contact him directly to learn whether his hiatus is temporary or permanent, but, like Curbed, we fear the worst. 

No longer will we squirm uncomfortably at our reflections in the Upstairs/Downstairs mirror he held up, or simmer at his casual revelations of kickbacks at our expense. But our inner anthropologist will miss him, and we hope he kept his job.

In memoriam, we present the Twittering Doorman's final four tweets, made in the heady hours after Curbed blasted his handle around the blogosphere and his followers multiplied like the delivery menus for which he accepted $5 bucks to leave at the desk:

  • These delivery guys don't want to wait for you to buzz the apt they want 2 jump in the elevator before the resident answers always a battle.
  • Every Thursday a cleaning woman complains to me that she still gets paid only $40.00 starting rate in our building is $80.00-$125.00 a day.
  • I suggested something to a resident and she said "good TIP thank you." Finally a doorman gives a resident a TIP.
  • A burger joint just gave me $5.00 off coupons for leaving some menu's at the doorman station. Thank you.

Curbed helpfully supplies these links to the cached versions of the doorman's blog and Twitter feed:


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