Save 30% with your contractor's discount

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Tip o' the Brick is a semi-regular spotlight on a great piece of advice in the BrickTalk forum:

A contractor explains how to get a 30% discount on renovation materials:

"I cant speak for everyone but when I am hired for a project I let my clients use my discounts. A contractor should have relationships with the places that supply everything you need.

When you price out a project with a contractor you should ask them if they are willing to let you use these discounts, some do, some dont.

Some places will give you the discount if you go in on your own and some will not.

Most will not give it to you on your own but generally all your contractor has to do is make a call and let them know to give you their discount.

There are some places like Ann Sacks that will not allow the client to pay so I have to pay for it and the client pays me.

--posted by primer05

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