Did you know? Low-budget tips for a grander bathroom

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Tip o' the Brick is a semi-regular spotlight on a great piece of advice in the BrickTalk forum.

Thrifty ways to update your bathroom, from kellyg:

"Find an interesting table you can use as a sink to add style. Tile the top and place a vessel sink on top. A marble top is great but more expensive.

Try focusing on the accessories. Hanging a very tall beautiful mirror above the sink will add glamour and increase the visual space in your room. Another tip - consider raising your shower curtain bar close to the ceiling to create height. A custom curtain in white terry will do wonders. Great towels, pretty clear bottles and flowers next to the sink also add luxury - hit the flea markets and collect great pieces over time.

Spend on what you can see - if you do not want to retile the shower/bath, focus on the floor as that is what most people will notice."

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