A home with a dining banquette at which to chow and chat with family and friends

An oversized banquette delivers seating aplenty in the eat-in kitchen of this three-bedroom condo at 416 Washington Street (on the market for $9.995 million).



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A dining banquette doesn’t just provide convenient and, frequently, space-saving seating for quick meals and snacks, it transforms a kitchen (already the informal heart of the home) into a comfortable place to congregate.

Here, five homes that do it especially well.

In this two-bedroom, three-bath condo at 515 West 23rd Street (listed at $9.5 million), a corner banquette doubles as a window seat for reading or taking in the view.

An L-shaped banquette maximizes dining room seating in this one-bedroom, two-bath co-op at 930 Fifth Avenue (priced at $2.95 million)

This banquette—within a four bedroom, four-bath co-op at 130 East End Avenue (yours for $5.595 million)—creates a cozy nook in a corner of a kitchen that might have looked otherwise unexciting with a plain old table and chairs.

A wall of windows and natural light makes this elongated banquette the perfect place to assemble in the kitchen of this four-bedroom, five-bath penthouse condo at 2000 Broadway (going for $12.35 million).

Finally, a slim banquette maximizes space brilliantly in this 10-foot-wide dining room within a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath condo at 141 East 88th Street (asking price: $3.495 million)