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Six homes with space-enhancing barrel-vaulted ceilings

By Jennifer Laing | June 23, 2017 - 3:59PM 

A six-bedroom penthouse condo atop the Puck Building at 293 Lafayette Street (on the market for $58.5 million) features a kitchen with a barrel-vaulted ceiling covered in iridescent glazed ceramic tiles that add to the drama of the space.


Besides providing strong structural support, a barrel-vaulted ceiling adds a space-enhancing and stylish design element to a home—especially when clad in exposed brick or light-reflecting tile. Here, some prime examples that are on the market right now:

This four bedroom, 4.5-bath home—within the iconic Police Building at 240 Centre Street (priced at $18.5 million)—was built in what was originally the building’s gymnasium, which explains the apartment’s soaring, 25’ barrel-vaulted ceilings.

The double height barrel-vaulted ceiling in the living room of this 14-room condo at 171 West 57th Street (asking price: $16.5 million) stretches to a towering 19’6”, creating a voluminous space for entertaining.

Red brick barrel-vaulted ceilings add a slightly rustic touch to this sleek, two bedroom, two-bath corner loft at 565 Broadway in SoHo (yours for $3.3 million).

Cast iron columns, stained hardwood floors and an exposed red brick barrel-vaulted ceiling contribute to a sense of cohesiveness and space in this renovated studio co-op at 9 Barrow Street (listed at $649,000).

While some sleeping lofts seem to skimp on headroom, this one—in a one bedroom, one-bat co-op at 372 Fifth Avenue (going for $899,000)—benefits both spatially and decoratively from its exposed brick, barrel-vaulted ceilings.


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