Terrible Listings Photos

Messes, strangers, and mattresses, oh my: These real estate listing photos stink

Without a robust support network, elderly mattresses can soon become neglected, afraid, and alone.

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Here are a few simple rules to follow when taking photos to sell your apartment or house: don't include people—sleeping or awake—in the frame, clean up serious messes, and hide bizarre furnishings.

For every rule, there is someone who has broken it, and Andy Donaldson of Terrible Real Estate Agent Photos website and book fame is a tireless chronicler of the worst offenders. Here is his latest batch of photos, along with his hilarious commentary:

Cursed to sleep for 100 years, only a kiss from a handsome real estate agent would break the spell.

I’ll come out when you’re ready to apologize to my DayGlo floral ski-jacket.

Found the perfect venue for that long lunch we’ve been talking about.