Only in New York

Closet or true bedroom? You decide

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | August 15, 2016 - 2:59PM 

Sometimes we come across listings that epitomize this city's real estate situation. Exhibit A: This "furnished loft bedroom" in Bed-Stuy with an asking price of $750 per month (we're pretty sure that's down from $800 when we looked earlier this week, so... bargain?). Note: You'll have to pay a month's rent and security upfront.

It's a good thing it's furnished, since it would be hard to squeeze anything at all into all that space, which has room for a clothes rack (hope you don't have a shopping addiction!), a desk, and a lofted bed, part of which obstructs entry, that's bringing us back to our college days.

To be fair, the rest of the apartment actually seems decent (see photos above) and if the four other people you'd share the apartment with are friendly (and neat) and as respectful as they seem from the house rules, this might not be a bad option for someone looking for a month-to-month commitment.

Wait, did we just say that? Maybe we've been in New York too long.


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