Rents expected to drop, how a family fits into a studio, and more

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How much total do you plan to tip the building staff this year?

Experts expect rental prices to continue falling thanks to a glut of inventory (AM NY)

Close quarters: one Chelsea family of three squeezes into a 400-square-foot studio (Curbed NY)

How to finagle the mortgage if you're buying a vacation house with a friend (WSJ)

You better believe the "bed bug queen" has solid tips on pest prevention (Brokelyn)

Oh, good: a fake landlord scammed Harlem tenants out of nearly $200k (Gothamist)

The Fed still might increase interest rates before the year is out (NYT)

Before it gets too cold, check out these NYC-adjacent hiking routes (Gothamist)

Got an outdoor cat? Be careful what products you use in your yard (Sheild My Pet)

Tracking down—and buying—your childhood home is easier than you might thing (WSJ)

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