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Tracking three decades of the Meatpacking District, how much a Queens couple can afford on $190,000 a year and more top stories

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This week, our most popular stories cover a wide range—from advice on taking over a stabilized apartment to renovation tips, and much more. Here are the top five Brick must-reads:

1. Ask Sam: I've been living in my mom's stabilized apartment, but never put my name on the lease. Can I claim succession rights? (sponsored)

2. Photos: See the dramatic transformation of the Meatpacking District since the 1990s

3. Pay your NYC rent with your credit card (even if your landlord doesn't accept cards) (sponsored)

4. What can I afford? A Queens couple wonders if they can buy in the neighborhood

5. With the right tweaks, this $425,000 Village studio could be a real gem

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