Post-Grad Week

The Brick Underground Podcast: Apartment-hunting tips for post-grads

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It's spring, and you know what that means: Hundreds of thousands of new college graduates descending upon our fair city, ready for a new series of firsts, most notably jobs and apartments. According to Marketwatch, New York City is the best place for college grads looking to start their careers, with 31,682 job postings, more than double that of Chicago, which ranked second on the list.

And indeed it's true: About this time of the year, New Yorkers see a deluge of new graduates, ready and eager to take on the city. But where to go? Which neighborhood to settle in? How big an apartment? And should they take on roommates? 

Brick's team has the answers (much of which we featured recently during Post-Grad Week, which included stories on the best roommate-finding websites and the 10 NYC neighborhoods perfect for college grads). 

Listen to the entire episode below (or download via iTunes and Stitcher):

This podcast was produced by Jhoanna Robledo and Jenny Falcon, who also edits the show. Thanks to our managing editor, Virginia Smith; senior contributing editor  Lucy Blatter Cohen; and contributing writer Alanna Schubach, for sharing tips and advice they culled from sources and their own experiences.

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