What New Yorkers hate about New York, rich kids snap up affordable housing, and more

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Famous New Yorkers admit the things that drive them nuts about living here (Paper Magazine)

Who's buying Williamsburg's "affordable" HDFC co-ops? Rich twenty-somethings with their parents' cash, of course (Gothamist)

Artists are rallying to save Langston Hughes' now-abandoned brownstone in Harlem (Architectural Digest)

Also in Harlem, demand for local real estate is hotter than ever (NYT)

The interiors of this $50 million skybridge apartment... aren't exactly breathtaking (Gothamist)

Chinatown's cheap internet cafes are doubling as flophouses for homeless New Yorkers (NYT)

Andrew Cuomo is working on a new plan to bring back the 421a tax break (The Real Deal)

When it's the daycare center next door, not a bar, that's causing neighbors noise issues (NYT)

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