Essential reading for New Yorkers, the greenest block in Brooklyn, and more

By Virginia K. Smith | August 12, 2016 - 11:15AM 

If you've already worked your way through the classics, these contemporary books are required reading for NYC residents (Thrillist)

A block in Flatbush won this year's honor of being Brooklyn's greenest block (Brownstoner)

Check out this new transit map that actually incorporates buses (CityLab)

Easy, inexpensive upgrades to make your bathroom feel more luxurious (The Financial Diet)

If you've ever dreamed of constructing a DIY beach fort, here's your guide (Brokelyn)

Tips on taking advantage of all of the city's (often overlooked) lush park space (NYT)

Find the best oyster happy hour deal in your neighborhood (Thrillist)

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