Drama at the El Dorado, bad 2nd Avenue subway news, and more

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Legal battles are dragging on over a chain-smoking resident of tony co-op The El Dorado (LLNYC)

Well this is a first: delays are expected on the 2nd Avenue subway's progress (NYP)

New Yorkers get a reprieve on plastic bag fees for another year (Gothamist)

A new report won't exactly make you optimistic about the state of affordable housing (Gothamist)

Staten Island may get a rezoning--and a bunch of new apartments (Curbed NY)

How one fed-up seller resorted to posing in a panda suit to draw in buyers (Apartment Therapy)

For a quick upgrade to a rental kitchen, switch out the fixtures (The Kitchn)

Single-stall bathrooms in NYC are now required to be gender neutral (Gothamist)


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