NYC settles Brooklyn affordable housing race discrimination case, Golden Krust founder commits suicide, more

By Mimi O'Connor | December 4, 2017 - 11:35AM 

After a protracted legal battle over alleged racial discrimination in the development of below-market-rate housing in Brooklyn's Broadway Triangle, the city has agreed to settle, creating a broader range of apartment sizes, and prioritizing applicants from a wider, more diverse area than originally proposed (New York Times)

New York City wins the title of most Instagrammed city, with all the landmarks you might expect as its most photographed spots (The Real Deal)

The founder of Jamaican bakery and restaurant chain Golden Krust, who was under investigation for possible tax evasion while being sued by a former employee, committed suicide in the company's Bronx factory (Daily News) 

Queens Boulevard, long known as the Boulevard of Death due to its high volume of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities, is now much safer after an overhaul (New York Times)

The MTA is previewing new subway car models for a limited time at the 34th Street-Hudson Yards station (Curbed)

A pop-up, Christmas-themed bar, Donner and Blitzen's Reindeer Lounge, has opened in the East Village (Metro) 



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