Rent deals continue in select Brooklyn neighborhoods, simple design fixes, and more

By Mimi O'Connor | December 11, 2017 - 11:10AM 

Landlords and developers continue to offer concessions to lure renters to Brooklyn neighborhoods such as Gowanus, Bushwick, and Crown Heights (The Real Deal) 

The prices of Christmas trees in New York vary widely, depending on the neighborhood (New York Times)

The MTA's incoming president says the post is his "dream job", and that the subway system can be fixed (amNew York)

Designers offer nominess for the single item that can improve any room (New York)

The proposed plans to convert a Clinton Hill neo-Gothic church into condos have been released by the Landmarks Preservation Commission (Brownstoner)

The city is selling off sidewalks and streets to private investors (New York Post)


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