Notorious landlord Steve Croman sued again, scam artist convicted of stealing neighbor's deed, & more

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Another class action suit has been filed against notorious landlord Steve Croman for flouting rent-regulation laws after an investigation by the tenant watchdog group Housing Rights Initiative (press release)

A scam artist will spend five months in jail for tricking his elderly client into signing away the deed to his East New York home (Brooklyn Paper)

A City Council member introduced a bill that requires communities to be alerted when development rights transfers occur (Curbed)

The MTA says it is hiring 500 new transit police officers to address quality of life issues on the subway (Gothamist)

People’s Action, a Chicago advocacy group, is calling for a massive reinvestment in public housing, a national tenants’ bill of rights, universal rent control, reparations, and more (NextCity)

NYC will now pay to repair sidewalks damaged by city-owned trees, and ramp up sidewalk repairs (