More confusion over broker fees, a rent strike against messy roommates, & more

By Jennifer White Karp | February 11, 2020 - 11:00AM 

Tenant-paid broker fees are back as a judge effectively suspends the Department of State guidance that shifted the payment to landlords rather than renters (Brick Underground)

If your roommates are so messy you can’t use the kitchen, can you withhold some of the rent you pay? (The New York Times)

U.S. mortgages rates hit a three-year low. The 30-year, fixed-rate average fell to 3.45 percent, which could help boost spring sales (The Real Deal)

Eyesores: Stores are covering their awnings because of a crackdown on a little-used, 50-year-old law (New York Post)

This portable gadget can prevent doors from being kicked in and doesn’t need tools for installation (Considerable)

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