A crackdown on deed fraud, efforts to combat LES nightlife noise, & more

By Emily Myers | October 24, 2019 - 11:00AM 

Governor Cuomo is launching crackdown on deed fraud, a crime that's on the rise in Brooklyn's gentrifying neighborhoods (Curbed NY)

Tenants claiming their landlord fraudulently hiked rents have been given the go-ahead for a court case (press release)

The Lower East Side is getting new parking regulations, a different trash removal schedule and a poster campaign telling late-night revelers to keep the noise down (Gothamist)

Bus ridership has gone up in Manhattan thanks to improvements to the crosstown service on 14th Street (Next City)

The law product firm, Blumberg, has updated its leases to conform with the city’s new rent laws (press release)

With the opening of a new bike lane in East New York, the city now boasts 100 miles of on-road cycle paths installed under Mayor de Blasio (Brooklyn Eagle)


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