Covid's toll on NY's children, tap and pay in the subway, & more

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By Emily Myers  |
October 1, 2020 - 10:30AM


More than 4,000 children in New York state have lost a parent or caregiver to coronavirus (Gothamist)

Three quarters of NYC's subway stations now have tap and pay screens installed and the system has clocked 21 million rides (press release) 

A new public pier has opened in Manhattan's Hudson River Park with a special deck that floods with the incoming tide (Real Estate Weekly)

Residents of a quasi-commune in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, are suing their landlord, alleging harassment and illegal eviction attempts (The City)

Alicia Glen, former deputy mayor of NYC, joined the board of directors at the co-living company Common (The Real Deal)

The NYC subway map has been updated to identify nine newly accessible stations and two renamed stops (press release)

Headshot of Emily Myers

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