NYCHA residents demand compensation for months without gas, redesigning city streets to speed up buses, & more

By Emily Myers | June 11, 2019 - 11:00AM 

There's a push to redesign NYC streets to make way for a new era of bus travel (NY Daily News)

Residents of a NYCHA building in Red Hook who’ve been without gas since February are asking for compensation (Brooklyn Eagle)

The Chinese owners of the revamped Waldorf Astoria are expected to be selling condo units in the landmarked building this fall (Wall Street Journal)

The former Hells Angel’s HQ is being converted into rentals (NY Post)

The city's giving more details on a plan to put a protected bike lane on Central Park West with a physical barrier between cyclists and cars (West Side Rag)

An affordable housing lottery has opened for 32 units at 2442 Ocean Ave. in Sheepshead Bay starting at $1,450 (Brownstoner via Housing Connect)


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