Would You Rather?

A room with a view, or just another room? New Yorkers weigh in on their apartment dreams

Because how many of us can really afford a place like this?

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How much total do you plan to tip the building staff this year?

Don’t let anybody tell you New Yorkers don’t appreciate the simple things in life! We are used to no-frills apartments (“frills” being features that would be basic anywhere else—like washing machines and, you know, sunlight!) and our loftiest real estate aspirations often involve nothing more than having some kind of outdoor space. In that spirit, we asked five New Yorkers: Would you rather have an amazing view outside your window, or a bit more square footage indoors?

  • Shine a light Hmm, the view isn't as important so much that there's light coming in and brightness. I'll take the space!! When I moved, it was never about a view it was about sun exposure and space. I didn't care what I saw so much as the sun came in. —Nikki, Upper East Side (pictured below)

  • Space and place I would definitely go for more space. I am as organized and the opposite of a hoarder as one can be, but a small space can still feel claustrophobic, especially after you've lived somewhere a long time. Don't need a view since most great things in NYC are meant to be experienced anyway, and gets me out and about. —Erika, Astoria
  • Specifically speaking I would opt for a little more space. I love cities, and know in a city like NYC, space is a premium but still, having 700 square feet of space would be nice. —David, Upper East Side (pictured below)
  • Large and in charge As long as it’s not too dark, I’d take the space. You know what, I take that back: I’ve seen huge basement apartments. I love interior design and make my space my own; the more space to decorate the better. —Janine, Hamilton Heights
  • Kondo your condo Most people will say space, but I really need openness. It’s really important to be able to look out. I work from home, on my computer, and I need to relax my eyes and just look out sometimes. You need more space for your crap? Get rid of it! You’ll feel better and happier. Declutter and only keep the stuff you really need. Honestly, people don’t appreciate how special it is to live in a city where you even get to be high up and see the world. —Wendy, South Harlem

Verdict: Almost a clean sweep in favor of more square footage (which New Yorkers would clearly happily sweep!)