Would You Rather?

Which is the worse NYC annoyance—sounds or smells?

By Mayra David | June 20, 2016 - 9:59AM 

It may not be what Lana Del Rey meant by "Summertime Sadness," but when we think of summer in the city, we don't just have picnics in the park, concerts under the stars, or outdoor dining by the river in mind. Because true New Yorkers know: Smells and sounds seem to be amplified by the rising temperatures. So we asked five city dwellers: Would you rather deal with smell issues or noise during the summer?

  • Bring in the noise Noise problems! I can always turn on my white noise maker. I use it every day as it is. —Kali, Hamilton Heights (shown below)

  • Keep out the funk Smells are nasty in the summer, there’s no way around it. But I guess that’s okay as long as it’s outside? Like, I know when I leave my building, early in the morning, it’s not exactly pleasant. But I don’t have to deal with it in my own space, you know? Sounds from the streets and partying all night as I try to sleep would drive me crazy. —Jeannie, Upper West Side
  • Smells stay down I guess smells. Because I live on a high floor nothing wafts through when my windows are open. But noise travels up. —Virginia, Hamilton Heights
  • Window guards Noise is easier when it gets really hot. Because we close our city windows and turn on the loud A/C units. —George, central Harlem
  • Noise wins over nausea I can’t stand the smell of garbage and pee. You’re walking to work and all of a sudden you feel like throwing up from the smells. And people smell nasty, too. Coming home on the subway—people are ripe! —Juana, Astoria

Verdict:  Noise wins the "Slightly Less Awful" award.


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