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Gifting 2016

9 secret Santa apartment gifts for $30 and under that'll get you on your co-workers' good sides

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | December 13, 2016 - 11:59AM 

Secret Santa gifts are some of the hardest to buy, because they usually come with a strict price limit (in this case we went with $30), and you're often buying them for people you don't know all that well and don't want to offend in any way shape or form. Luckily for you, we rounded up some pretty cool gifts that almost any New Yorker (and suburbanite, too!) would love to get for their apartment this year. Feast your eyes below.


The reason we're really feeling this portable bluetooth speaker is because it's both practical and cute. And if your secret Santa gift recipient lives in a small space with other humans (highly likely here in New York City), they can move their speaker around the house without having to share—or deal with someone's complaints about music being too loud. The regular price is slightly higher than our limit ($39.99), but it's available for sale now through Neiman Marcus' Last Call for $22.40. Grab it while you can.

Got a friend, co-worker, or family member who likes plants (or wants to get into them more in 2017)? They can dress their usual pots up with this West Elm Tabletop Planter which manages to look modern and chic. At $24, you may even be able to throw in a small plant to make it look even better at gifting time. 

We all know someone who's always misplacing their keys, work ID, etc. For them, the Tile Mate ($25) is seriously useful. You connect this (rather sleek and modern looking) keychain to your keys and sync an easy-to-use app up to the keychain's small bluetooth tracker. Voila! No more searching for missing keys on a messy desk at the office or at home.

We personally would outfit our entire homes with Jonathan Adler accessories if we could afford it. But for those of us who can't, there's this $24 zebra dish. It has that fun design that Adler's known for at a fraction of the price. Not a bad place to set down your rings or the aforementioned keys.

If you're gifting a former West Coaster who misses avocado trees growing in their backyard, this could be the next-best thing. The Avocado Tree Starter Kit is perfectly sized for a NYC apartment, and will appeal to anyone who craves seriously fresh produce.

Wouldn't it be nice to keep all of you dry good in mason jars? Try finding the cabinet space to do that in this city. That's why these reusable bags that look like mason jars, and stand up like them when they're filled, are ingenious. Same cute look, takes up less space. And they're only $20 for a set of 9.

Technically, this Mobile Foodie Survival Kit is designed for chefs to take them with them, but we think it's the perfect spice sampler for budding chefs with little space to keep their spices. Also, it's on sale for $14 at Restoration Hardware right now. (Trust us, nothing's ever $14 at that store.) There are 13 organic spices included.

In New York City, if a gift isn't dual purpose, it's useless. And this gold mirrored tabletop tray ($29.99) could be used to help you carry food and drink to and from the kitchen or as rather attractive, and more expensive-looking, organizer to top a coffee table or otttoman.

For the design snob in your life (you know, the one who thinks it's couture or bust), consider a Missoni Home Lara Hand Towel. It's $30 exactly and will look luxe hanging from the towel bar in even the smallest NYC bathrooms.



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