Post-Grad Week

Welcome to New York City, new grads! We've got you covered this week

By Brick Underground  | May 8, 2017 - 8:45AM

It's May, and college seniors throughout the country are trading P-sets and dorm food for paychecks and the post-grad hustle. Many of you are headed New York City's way, ready and eager to start your careers. Whether you already have a job lined up or are cobbling a few gigs together, first comes this reckoning: How do you even begin to gain a foothold in this big, brash city? How do you find an apartment? Where should you live? And how much is that broker fee again?!?

We're here to help: This week, we're sharing ours and our experts' wisdom on how to get started building a post-collegiate life in NYC, from the best neighborhoods for newcomers to tips from those who've been right in your shoes to how to avoid scams—and more. 

Stay tuned, and welcome to New York! 

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