The Brick Underground Podcast: Soothing your anxious or bored cat


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My husband and younger daughter pine for a pet. They watch videos of animals all the time, crooning at them the way people do to babies. It’s pretty embarrassing sometimes. I’m the one saying no, because I feel like it’s not fair to keep one cooped up inside our apartment for much of the day—and I fear that I’ll be the one with the added responsibility, but division of labor battles are another story.

My concerns about pets, though, are not without some merit. As much as pets add to your quality of life in New York City, there’s a downside when they suffer stress and boredom from lack of stimulation.

In this episode, Brick Underground Podcast tackles New York City apartment living with a pet that suffers from anxiety and aggression. Host Nathan Tempey, senior editor at Brick Underground, shares his own cat story and talks to Mary Malloy, a certified dog trainer and founder of Nirvana Tails. They discuss tips and tools from calming music to food puzzles, which can help improve life with your city pet. Here’s what they had to say:


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