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Learn about apartments in former schools, how to use Brick Underground's Gross Rent Calculator, & more

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This week, readers gravitated toward a story on what you get when you buy or rent an apartment in a converted school. Turns out, there are many such buildings in NYC, and apartments there offer classic architecture with some modern updates. Also popular was a post on Brick's new Gross Rent Calculator, which helps you figure out the real rent you will pay each month when a landlord offers you a free month or two.

Here, in full, are the week's top stories.

1. What you need to know about living in a former NYC school building

2. Introducing Brick Underground’s Gross Rent Calculator: How to figure out the rent you’ll actually owe each month

3. A basic guide to NYC plumbing: How to keep your apartment's pipes flowing

4. Is apartment swapping legal in New York City?

5. Dear Ms. Demeanor: A neighbor fell after drinking and broke his leg. Now he’s suing the building. Have you experienced anything like this?