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And this year's real estate awards go to....

By  | December 20, 2016 - 8:59AM

As 2016 winds down—a year that has brought on more than its fair share of highs and lows and big surprises, both for New York City and the world at large, we thought it only fitting to look back on some of the biggest, craziest and most shocking stories of the year in real estate and NYC living:

Question we're most tired of hearing

Is Brooklyn over? No, an entire borough that 2.5 million people call home can not be "over." Sorry, Queens.

Best reason to kick your anti-social habits

The co-working trend is expanding to co-living.

Priciest thing in New York aside from its real estate

Hamilton tickets.

Biggest transportation story of the year

It's a tie between the (we'll-believe-it-when-we-finally-swipe-our-Metrocard) opening of the Second Avenue subway and the collective breath-holding for the L train shutdown that's coming in a couple of years.

Best civic upgrade

The city dedicated $30 million in funding to five city parks. We love when green goes to greenspace.

Most annoying real estate agent habit

Claiming an apartment's connection to a celebrity when it's tenuous at best.


Most "New York" post-election moment

Renters removing the "Trump" name from their buildings.

Clearest signal that one-percenters haven't completely abandoned the city

The "supertall" buildings just keep coming (we're looking at you, 432 Park).

Most annoying post-election nuisance

Traffic, especially on Fifth Avenue. Anyone try to take a cab in Midtown lately? Time to splurge for that unlimited MetroCard.

Most ridiculous new-building amenity 

Golf simulator. Seriously guys, do people really use these? And enough to warrant the fact that they're in a lot of new condo and rental buildings?

Most seemingly over-the-top-but-potentially-useful-amenity

A Drybar blow drying salon in the building (coming to 111 Murray).


Most attention-grabbing amenities of the year

Stroller valets (which honestly seem rather clever and anything to reduce hallway congestion is a welcome change in our books) and porte-cocheres (who doesn't want to feel like an early 20th-century society person when entering their building by car?).

Most childish New York feud

Cuomo vs. DeBlasio (enough grandstanding already).

Most childish feud to look out for in the future

Trump vs. DeBlasio (between the traffic and what Trump is costing NYC expect a bumpy road ahead).

Most interesting piece of architecture

Bjarke Ingels' eye-popping pyramid-shaped Via that stands next to the Hudson River.

Worst NYC landlord

Steve Croman. The East Village landlord was arrested for terrorizing his tenement tenants.

Biggest "game of chicken"

Concessions are up, rents are not. (Trust us: this kind of thing benefits landlords more than tenants in the long run.)


Most puzzling (and expensive) new real estate marketing trick

Virtual reality. Frankly, we kind of don't get it.

Most popular bathroom feature

The high-tech Toto toilet.

Next "big" neighborhood

Anywhere in Queens (see "question we're most tired of hearing" above).


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