The best pet food and supply delivery programs during the coronavirus crisis: Chewy, Petflow, BarkBox, Smalls, & more

Austin Havens-Bowen
By Austin Havens-Bowen  |
April 24, 2020 - 9:30AM

Getting your pet products delivered means you don’t have to go out during the pandemic.


Pet supply stores are deemed essential and remain open in New York City during the pandemic, but if you can’t go out, pet product delivery programs are your answer. Many local pet shops and larger stores like Petco offer curb-side pickup and delivery to your apartment or house. 

Or you might want to check out some of the many other online pet product retailers. To assist you, Brick Underground has rounded up 11 pet supply delivery programs that deliver food and supplies, subscription boxes, or medications for your pet.

You can order things like food, toys, and supplies for your pets from sites like Chewy, while other sites like Allivet sell pet medications. And, there’s subscriptions like The Farmer’s Dogs and Smalls (Think: trendy meal delivery for your pets), and BarkBox offers monthly delivery of toys and treats to spoil your pet—since they’re stuck with you way more than they’re used to.

Many customers are experiencing delayed delivery from many of these sites, so it’s important to remember to order in advance. You can also opt-in for recurring delivery, which typically saves you money, and will automatically ship on schedule.

Check out these websites to get your pet products delivered during your quarantine.


The lowdown: Chewy sells pet food and supplies for your dog, cat, and other pets like hamsters and reptiles. You can find brands like Blue Buffalo, Purina, Wellness, and Royal Canin. They have a pharmacy section for medications and tick treatments, plus daily deals. Their site says that delivery times are “considerably longer than usual.” 

Pricing: Delivery is free on orders over $49. If you sign up for their autoship program, you get 30 percent off on your first order and five to 10 percent on each shipment after. 

The bottom line: If you want a one-stop-shop for all of your pet’s needs and like the idea of auto-shipment so you don’t run out of kibble.

Only Natural Pet

The lowdown: Only Natural Pet sells natural and holistic products for cats and dogs. In addition to their own brand, they sell brands like Acana, Merrick, and Earthborn Holistic. You can buy dry and wet foods, toys and even tick treatments. According to their site, they are shipping daily without any delays. 

Pricing: Delivery is free on orders over $49. Their auto-delivery program saves you up to 15 percent on all orders. Currently, you can get 15 percent off of your first order. 

The bottom line: If you like to keep your pet on an organic or holistic diet, or are having trouble getting a delivery slot from other sites.


The lowdown: Petflow sells cat and dog supplies from top brands like Hill’s Science Diet, Wellness, and Nutrisource. They also have search filters for specialty food types like grain-free, allergy safe, Rx diets, and for all life stages. A bowl of food is donated to a pet in need for every order. Their site says items are in-stock and they are shipping with no delays.

Pricing: Delivery is free on orders over $49 and you can get 15 percent off of your first order. You can also get discounts through their auto-shipment program.

The bottom line: If you want to feed your pet and have food donated to a pet in need at the same time. 


The lowdown: BarkBox is a monthly subscription that delivers themed boxes of toys and treats for your dog. Monthly themes include “Night at the Squeakeasy,” “The Barkies,” “Shakespeare in the Dog Park,” and, of course, “New York City.” Each box has two toys, two bags of natural treats, and a chew. You can buy more toys on BarkShop

Pricing: Boxes start at $22 with free shipping.

The bottom line: If your hyperactive dog needs new toys monthly, or you’re a sucker for a good theme.


The lowdown: RescueBox is a monthly subscription for cats and dogs with options for pet size-specific boxes. Your first box is a starter kit and then starting with your second box, your pet will receive monthly themed boxes. Every box has toys, treats, and accessories. For every monthly subscription, RescueBox donates five pounds of food and two vaccinations to shelter pets in need.

Pricing: There is a one-, three-, six-, and 12-month subscription option, ranging in price from $23 to $30 per box. Shipping is free.

The bottom line: If you want to spoil your furry family member while also helping feed and vaccinate pets in shelters.


The lowdown: Meowbox is a monthly subscription for cats with themed boxes of toys and treats. Each box has at least one small-batch or locally made toy and as any cat owner knows, the box itself becomes part of the excitement for your feline friend. You can choose a no-food option if your cat is a picky eater. The site says they have shipping delays right now.

Pricing: There’s a monthly and bi-monthly subscription, both start at $23. Shipping is free.

The bottom line: If your cat is bored of the same toys and treats and needs a new distraction.

The Farmer’s Dog

The lowdown: The Farmer’s Dog is a subscription service that delivers fresh, human-grade dog food. Every recipe uses fresh meats and vegetables, is vet-approved, prepared in USDA kitchens, and comes pre-portioned. Your dog’s plan is designed by a veterinarian for its specific dietary needs.

Pricing: Plans start at $2 a day, but every dog’s plan varies, depending on size, age, activity, and other factors. You can answer a short questionnaire here to find out how much your dog’s plan costs. Shipping is free.

The bottom line: If you want your dog to be on an all-natural diet (no more brown kibble).


The lowdown: Smalls delivers cat food that uses fresh human-grade ingredients like meats and some green vegetables. There’s wet food, freeze-dried raw meat, and kibble with essential vitamins. You answer a few questions about your cat’s age, size, and habits (and your own budget for their food), then pick your cat’s preferred flavors for a customized meal plan.

Pricing: Their subscription plans include: “Complete Balance” (50 percent kibble, 50 percent fresh food), which costs $68 for one cat for one month, and “Balanced Convenience” (50 percent wet, 50 percent raw kibble), which costs $120 for one cat for one month. You can find their other plans and pricing here

The bottom line: If you want your cat to be on a high-protein, well-balanced diet.


The lowdown: Allivet is a licensed pet pharmacy that delivers medicines for cats, dogs, fish and birds. They sell top brands like Nexgard, Revolution, and Tri-Heart plus and guarantee the lowest prices of medications. They also sell calming agents, dental products, diet food, supplements, and vaccines. 

Pricing: No membership is required. You can save up to 10 percent if you set up auto-shipment and shipping is free on orders over $49.

The bottom line: If your pet takes a specific prescription and you need to save money during the pandemic.

Best Vet Care

The lowdown: Best Vet Care sells supplies like flea and tick treatments, dewormers, supplements, and homeopathic supplies like joint care and anxiety remedies for cats and dogs. They offer reward points on purchases. Right now, delivery is backed up and they advise deliveries can take between three to five weeks.

Pricing: You can get up to 20 percent off on auto-shipments. Delivery is free, but you can pay $5 for tracked shipping.

The bottom line: If your pet is feeling a little anxious during the quarantine and needs a homeopathic solution, and it’s time for their flea treatment.

Total Pet Supply

The lowdown: Total Pet Supply sells prescriptions and over-the-counter medications for cats and dogs. Top products include Frontline Plus, Revolution, and Nexgard and they offer a 125 percent price match guarantee

Pricing: No membership is required. There are three shipping options: free shipping on orders over $99, $10 for one-time orders less than $99, or $15 for free shipping on all orders for one year.

The bottom line: If you want a no-frills site to just order your pet’s medication, or you (and your pet) can benefit from the $15 unlimited shipping for a year.


Austin Havens-Bowen

Austin Havens-Bowen


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