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Welcome to Brick Underground’s favorite stories of 2020: Summer edition

It's not the summer anyone ever expected.


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Welcome to our bi-annual Best of Brick week. Over the next five days, while our staff is on vacation, we’ll be posting our most popular and instructive stories of 2020, including multiple articles that will help you get your head around NYC real estate in the Covid era, such as how to negotiate a lease renewal, prepare for an online co-op board interview, and weigh the cost of moving to the suburbs vs. staying in the city.

Also coming this week is a look at where to find buildings that use Passive House construction and where to find condos that let you rent before you buy.

We also have comprehensive guides to buying an investment apartment, landing a no-fee rental, and avoiding real estate scams, all of which have been updated with new information for 2020.

Stay cool and read up, so you can be fully informed to tackle your real estate goal for fall, whether it is buying, selling, renting, or renovating an apartment or house in NYC or the suburbs.