Would You Rather?

Would you rather have a pool in your building or a tricked-out roof deck?

By Lambeth Hochwald  | July 2, 2018 - 1:00PM


For many New Yorkers, the ultimate luxury is to be able to do laps in a pool without having to leave their building. But for others, it would be way better to live in a building with a gorgeous roof deck to lounge and party. Which would you prefer? We went to five New Yorkers to find out.

A pool is the best perk 

"If it’s indoors, I’ll swim all year. If it’s outdoors, I’ll lay out all summer with my friends who will then make it look tricked out just because they’re fabulous. Especially for Pride month in June. Let love shine!”—Robert Pendilla, Hudson Yards

Roof deck = popularity

“If I lived in Manhattan, a roof deck is everything because my actual apartment would be about 50 square feet for a couple thousand a month and a girl needs some room to breathe! Also, it’ll be Instagrammable and it gives me a reason to invite people over, so I’ll always have company.”—Marisa Lee, Park Slope

I just want to sleep and sip iced tea

“For me the best amenity possible would be a roof deck with couches to sleep on and iced tea to sip on. Isn’t that all we really need?”—Jerry Smith, Upper East Side 

Have you seen what people do in pools?

“I would rather have a tricked-out roof deck. I’ve seen what people can do inside a communal beach/pool—meaning they will poop and pee in there. With a fab deck, I’d get to throw summer parties and get my tan on and, of course, mingle with the cute guys in the building.”—Jennifer Ngo, Coney Island

Only an outdoor pool—please!

“As a habitual sun worshipper and someone with little tolerance for heat and sweat, I would much prefer my building had an outdoor pool versus a tricked-out roof deck. While a roof deck is an amazing scene once the sun sets, in the midst of a scorching summer day, it’s the last place I’d be caught. PS: I’d only want an outdoor pool—the horrid scent of chorine and the unbearable steamy temps associated with nearly all indoor pools is simply grotesque.”—Mindie Barnett, Hell’s Kitchen

Verdict: By a close lead, a roof deck is more popular than a pool.

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