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This secluded Staten Island mansion has a spooky stained-glass window in the shape of a spider web

By Lori Gross  | October 31, 2017 - 3:30PM

The side entrance to the house in Staten Island's secluded Emerson Hill neighborhood.

Staten Island Multiple Listing Service/Trulia

This six-bedroom, six bath Tudor house at 2 Emerson Dr. on Staten Island is super isolated. It sits on nearly an acre in the exclusive Emerson Hill neighborhood, and the architecture is suitably grand for the $2.899 million price tag.

The architect also had a bit of a creepy-crawly aesthetic bent. The front door welcomes guests with stained glass made to look like a spider web—filled in with Halloween-esque colors, no less.

The house was built in 1935. It's not clear who the architect was, but around that time building designers working in the Tudor style in the Chicago area and central New York were employing spider-web windows as their calling cards, according to reports.

The house was a built for a sea captain, according to listing agents Robert Mannino and Victoria Droumbakis. It sits high up on the hill with a winter view of the harbor. 



The dining room features crystal chandeliers and all chestnut paneling. 

The new owners will have their pick of rooms for entertaining, as the sunken living room and kitchen are spacious, and there are not one but two sunrooms. The kitchen backsplash and some of the counter surface is done in striking, antique-looking patterned tile. (The fish motif on the tile is in the Delft style, and is not original.) The kitchen also has a metal milk door, where a milkman used to drop off fresh milk and pick up empties. The door has been re-purposed as a mailbox.

There appear to be at least two fireplaces, one in the living room and one in the basement, and there is a wine cellar with a safe.

Upstairs, the master bedroom has an en-suite bathroom with a double sink, glass-walled shower, and spacious bath.

At least one other bedroom has an en-suite bathroom, and there are enough rooms that one or more can be used as an expansive office. (The current occupants seem to have a love of Jordan sneakers and Eminem.)

One or more walk-in closets also looks to be part of the package.

Altogether, the house measures over 5,000 square feet, according to the listing.

Out back there is a beautiful original greenhouse, a garden patio, and a large pool. There's also a balcony over one of the sunrooms. If this classic lavishness strikes you as vaguely familiar, it may be because the "Long Island" estate from the movie The Godfather is actually just up the road from here, and was built in a similar style around the same time.

The house has been on the market for 179 days, so there may be room to negotiate on price. For more on that, see our guide here.



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