Only in New York

A Brooklyn driveway shed could be yours for $500,000 (yes, you read that right)

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | April 26, 2016 - 2:59PM 

This could be your future home.

Google Street View

You'll have to squint to see your new home from the street, but for $499,000, you'll get this one-bedroom, one-bath at 86 Bay 47th Street in Gravesend (shout out to Gothamist for finding it!). According to the listing, the house needs work, but is "better than a condo." 

(Note, the median price of a two-bedroom condo in the neighborhood is actually only $85,0000 more, according to StreetEasy).

Though it appears as though your front yard and back yard are both cement, on the bright side, you'll have room for six cars. Not exactly sure where those drivers will go, though.

Good news, though: The listing says you may be able to build up and out, but need to verify with an architect, as, there could be setback, height and square footage limitations. "Typically the architect has to review the zoning and have a survey that shows all the setbacks and overall height, as well as  existing square footage," says  architect Jean-Luc Briguet. 

But, hey, tiny house living is all the rage, right? And by now we've learned that someone with a decent eye for design can often turn a seemingly hopeless place into a haven.


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