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Re-thinking the "mobile home," turning your place into a duplex, and more

By Virginia K. Smith | February 16, 2016 - 10:59AM

House boats, school buses, and other design-minded spins on mobile living (Apartment Therapy)

Creating a duplex by buying your neighbor's apartment is a more complicated process than you might think (NYT)

For small space dwellers, it might be time to give the loft bed another chance (NYP)

Manhattan's so pricey that sometimes, it's actually a better use of your money to rent instead of buying (StreetEasy)

Or maybe just pack it up and move to Jersey City instead (NYT)

Think beyond Trader Joe's, and try some of Brooklyn's best ethnic supermarkets (Brokelyn)

Did you know Manhattan used to have a "Little Syria"? (CityLab)

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