How millenials can own homes, ditching your old windows, and more

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How much total do you plan to tip the building staff this year?

This story makes owning two homes before the age of 35 sound positively doable (Refinery 29)

Like so many other things, replacing your windows is a whole lot more complicated for New Yorkers (NYT)

"Rosy metallics," and more interior design trends to watch in the coming year (WSJ)

Rent controlled tenants aren't exactly thrilled about a coming city-wide rent hike (NYT)

Good news: the city just saved a whole lot of community gardens (DNAinfo)

Rage reads: the most "infuriating" real estate stories of the past year (Gothamist)

What it's really like to stay in Pure House, that pricey Williamsburg "commune" (Refinery 29)

Building owners can apparently under-pay staffers while still collecting their 421a tax break (ProPublica)

Raccoons are staging an adorable takeover of Brooklyn (NYT)

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