Would You Rather?

Okay New Yorkers, which will it be: Brooklyn or Manhattan?

By Mayra David  | February 22, 2016 - 11:59AM

At this point it's become trite to say that Brooklyn is the new Manhattan. But with the price differences between the two boroughs shrinking, we asked 10 New Yorkers, if money were no object (or prices exactly the same), would you prefer to live in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

  • Manhattan, no lie I’d rather live in Manhattan. I guess I kind of already live in Manhattan, since I live in Inwood, which realtors call “Upper Manhattan.” I don’t have a problem with that. But when people ask me where I live, I never say Manhattan. It feels like I’m lying. Besides, I do love Inwood, even though its far from anything downtown. —Mareike, Inwood
  • Catch your breath and a quick subway Manhattan for convenience. I teach in several locations around Manhattan so I spend a lot of time here, anyway. Sometimes I have a few hours in between lessons and it would be so nice to hop on a subway and stop off at home instead of having to park myself in expensive cafes to do work or rest… much needed on some days! And I don’t really love living in the Bronx. —Melissa, Bronx
  • That moment when… Well, when I used to daydream about what it would be like to live in the city, it was always just Manhattan I pictured. So there’s that. It’s not quite like in the movies of course, but it’s pretty effing cool. And I do walk and look around and have that familiarity and I-can’t-believe-I live-here moments. —Trev, Harlem
  • Brooklyn is just the right amount of suburban-feel I guess I'd rather live in Brooklyn because it has a more suburban feel to me that Manhattan. ... Its more disconnected, but not as disconnected as New Jersey where I grew up. -Rob, Midtown West
  • The best, bar none I’m a bartender and from that aspect, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere but Manhattan. I’ve worked in a couple areas now and there are just places in Manhattan nowhere comes close to how much money you can make. And after closing, you don’t really want to get on a subway and commute home forever. You have to stay close. —Brendan, Chelsea
  • Belonging in Brooklyn I’ve lived in both boroughs and Manhattan was cool for a while, but Brooklyn is just where I feel I belong. There’s people like me, same age, I love the neighborhood feel, the cool restaurants. —Mike, Park Slope
  • Getting what you pay for It’s expensive, I get that, but I wouldn’t get half as much out of living in Queens where I used to live... I really like Brooklyn so far. It’s not for forever, unless I end up making tons of money. —Blake, Park Slope
  • Cooler and closer Brooklyn because it’s cooler. Closer to downtown Manhattan, too. —Jess, Jackson Heights, Queens
  • Home is where the heart is Brooklyn with my parents! But I’m in Manhattan for school. That’s cool, too, but I think I’m going to move back when I’m done. —Casey, Washington Heights
  • U-Haul in Brooklyn Manhattan, of course. Everything is here. It’s less spread out so you can get places easier. Whenever I’ve been in Brooklyn, it’s a haul to get anywhere. —Adam, Harlem

Verdict: Even split

So, what about you: If prices and apartments identical, which borough would you prefer to call home? Answer in the comments.


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