6 apartments where the bathtub comes with a view

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For some, an apartment with a bathtub would suffice, but a bathtub with a view is just plain swoon-worthy. These home all have tubs with awe-inspiring vistas that are sure to give their bathers something to contemplate other than their own dirty feet.

Who needs a scented candle when you can take in soothing Hudson River vistas from the bathtub of this master bathroom in a 7000-square-foot duplex condo at 60 Riverside Boulevard (yours for $14.9 million)?

We can think of worse ways of washing off the day than gazing out over the city from the bathtub of this four-bedroom penthouse at 11 Beach Street (on the market at $22.5 million).

The city may be filthy but the view from the soaking tub inside the custom marble ensuite master bathroom of this Chelsea penthouse at 212 West 18thStreetfor sale at $42.75 million) is pristine.

You can check out the midtown traffic and plot your best route to the office while you scrub yourself awake in the the south-facing soaking tub of this master bathroom, located in seven bedroom, nine bathroom condo at 1 Central Park West (listed at $26.489 million).

Twenty five million buys you this freestanding oval tub and a view of  downtown skyscrapers from the largest (seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, 6,300 square feet) single family condo at 101 Warren Street.


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