6 places to call home once you win the Powerball tomorrow

By Lucy Cohen Blatter | January 12, 2016 - 12:59PM

If you're anything like us, you're spending much of your downtime this week fantasizing about what you'd do with the $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot you're counting on winning  Wednesday night. And, like us, you're probably also planning on parking quite a bit of that prize money in real estate. 

Below, six completely aspirational, fantasy-feeding properties we think you should consider if you find yourself waking up a billionaire on Thursday morning. We've got NYC home bases and vacation spots for you. Why not buy one or three?

We've always liked staying at the Ritz, so we figure we'd enjoy living in it, too. This eight-bedroom, double penthouse (that's two penthouses!) in Battery Park City clocks in at over 10,000 square feet and has three private outdoor spaces. Plus, you can use all the amenities the hotel offers, including room service and housekeeping. Asking price: $75 million.

We've always fantasized about buying a townhouse if we won the lottery, but with the record-breaking $1.3 billion jackpot, our fantasies have gotten more over-the-top. Enter this $120 million three-townhouse combination on East 62nd Street right off Fifth Avenue. Imagine the parties you could have in a mansion like this. (Or the mysterious recluse you could be in this—whatever your style of billionaire-ing may be.)

Of course, as soon as we hear the news of our winnings, we'd also peruse the available listings at 15 Central Park West. And we'd likely schedule a viewing of this $50 million, five-bedroom, 6,000-square-foot penthouse, with incredible views of the park. The listing says a "particularly gifted owner" is needed. We're not really sure what that means, but it might have something to do with having a gift of a sizable cash balance.

NYC winters are notoriously rough (even now, when it's comparatively mild). That's why, if we were billionaires, we'd choose to spend the cold months in our very own $28 million beachfront Barbados mansion. It's not completed yet, but here's hoping we can move in by winter 2017.

Since snow conditions have been less-than-ideal on the east coast this year, you might want to buy your very own 18,000-square-foot $60 million Colorado ski chalet complete with 876 acres, two outdoor fireplaces, four fire pits, two full outdoor kitchens, and a brick pizza oven if you win the Powerball. There's also a furnished teepee with gas heat, a movie theater with a small stage, and an indoor/outdoor pool with planetarium-style roof. You know, the essentials.

If you buy this house in East Hampton, we suggest keeping it on the DL and casually inviting friends up for the weekend to your new vacation home. Then watch their faces as they realize that your little getaway cabin is actually the most expensive property in the tony East End, and that it cost you $140 million. And what are you getting for that money? Over 11 acres, 10 bedrooms and lots of waterfront on Georgica Pond.


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