Would You Rather?

If you host a holiday party, New Yorkers will come

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While we'd guess that most New Yorkers appreciate the appeal of a stiff drink shared with friends and a brief respite from our work-crazed lives, our compact living spaces are a factor in planning for any parties. So, we asked five city dwellers: Would you rather host a holiday party or be invited to one someplace else?

  • Invite, please!  I’d rather go to one. Because then I always have the option of not going after all. I do appreciate invitations, and I like a party. But sometimes the work week is so exhausting I’m not good for anything but pizza and Netflix. I also get bad migraines and my friends know that when that happens, that’s it for me. —Joseph, Astoria
  • Giving the gift of generosity I’d rather throw a holiday party! I like cooking and entertaining. I like having my friends over; it doesn't have to be anything big, but just a get-together. Especially this time of year, you know, to be generous. —Andrea, Inwood (shown at left)
  • Call me, maybe I’d rather go to somebody else’s party. I think that’s the way to open up your circles and meet more people. You know, if I throw a party it’s always the same people for me. If I go somewhere else, the food will probably be better, and there might be people there I don’t know yet. I’ve met good people in the city by just being like, hey, we’re getting along, we work in the same area, let’s grab coffee. —Raj, Astoria
  • Financing festivities? No thanks I’d rather go to a holiday party. And not because I live in a basement apartment! If  you have people over, you have to clean, and then make food, buy booze. It’s too much, man. —Alex, the Bronx (shown at left)
  • Party (hosting) animal I love throwing parties! I love having people come over and I like to cook lots of food! Frankly, I know this sounds snobby or whatever, but other people’s parties kind of suck sometimes. I love my friends, but like, if you’re going to throw a party, don’t be stingy. Get the good wine, have great food. I’m not trekking to your place for Halloween candy and chips and salsa. I’m an adult and I have standards! I know that sound like I’m a bitch, but I’m not. I just like to have a good time and I do spend the money and energy to give my friends a good time as well! —Alex, Hamilton Heights

Verdict: (Somebody else) Start the festivities!


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