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Holiday gift fantasy time: Free month's rent or vacation?

By Mayra David | December 7, 2015 - 3:59PM

Between presents, tips, charity, good will and cheer and holiday bonuses, it’s a very giving time of year! So we asked seven New Yorkers what they would choose, if they were to receive a little something extra. Would they rather receive a month’s free rent, or receive the equivalent as a paid vacation away from the city?

  • A trip to the way west side I’d rather get some time away. I’m from L.A. originally. So weather here takes getting used to. I can’t wait to go home for the holidays. I’m just not used to the cold. I want to go somewhere warm! —Megan, Washington Heights (shown at left)
  • Always hit the road, Jack Well, I pay really, really low rent so a vacation somewhere for the comparable amount of money would take me to, like, Pennsylvania. I’m talking way under $1,000 for rent. But still. I’d still take the trip away some where just because I’m always trying to get out of the city. You need to just get out somewhere, even if it’s Pennsylvania.  —Victor, Hamilton Heights
  • (Jet) blues traveler I don’t know…I have roommates who all pay more than me. But for the rent we pay collectively, I’d totally go somewhere. Go on an adventure! That’s what it’s about. Always choose to travel! So actually, even for the money I personally pay in rent, I’d choose to go somewhere and see how far I can get on that little money. There are awesome Jet Blue specials I keep hearing about. —Andrea, Hamilton Heights
  • Should I stay or should I go? Right around this time of year, I love the city. But in the summer, forget it. I’d happily pay any amount to leave. I guess I’d still take a vacation to spend bonus money on. Honestly, if somebody paid for my apartment for a month, I’d take that money to go somewhere anyway. But then again, there are student loans, monthly MetroCards, and Christmas present to think about… I don’t know about this one. —Gerrard, Chelsea
  • Touchdown in Londontown I’d go away to London, my favorite city and where my best friends live. I adore that city during this time of year as well. New York is always great, and Holiday season, too. But there’s just such a mood around here right now, too. I don’t know, but I feel like it’s the election year? Like having Trump plunge people into division over a Starbucks cup?  London probably has the equivalent insanity, but I do miss it terribly. —Suze, Upper West Side
  • Shiny and new A month’s rent would be nice. I just got here, and I don’t want to go anywhere yet. My rent is okay, but it’s good to save money for a trip another time later. —Hiro, Morningside Heights

  • Flying the coop Well, my parents are kindly still helping me with rent so I'm not too worried about that at the moment. If I'm being logical and calculating, I'd definitely take a gift like that and use it for a trip somewhere instead! It's all about maximizing on your opportunities! —Evyn, East Harlem (shown at left)

Verdict: 5.5 (out of 7) in favor of leaving. Deuces, NYC!


Do you love your NYC summers or dream of getting out of dodge?

Which season is worse: The one that just finished or the one coming up?

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