Apply now: Dozens of rentals for as low as $788/month just opened up in Brooklyn

By Virginia K. Smith  | December 15, 2015 - 12:59PM

A total of 29 affordable apartments at seven buildings around Bed-Stuy and Bushwick are currently accepting applications for apartments as cheap as $788/month, per a new listing on NYC Housing Connect.

All the buildings fall under the umbrella of "King Villas LLC," and range from $788/month for studios to $1,323/month for one-bedrooms for households with annual incomes between $28,389 and $68,400, depending on apartment and family size. The full list of apartment options and requirements is below—click to enlarge:


The buildings are spread around northeast Brooklyn—at  717 Flushing Ave, 76 Grove St, 663 Willoughby Ave, 275 Menahan St, 877 Dumont Ave, 160 Glenmore Ave, and 178 Rockaway Pkwy—and the listing doesn't include much in the way of details on whether the buildings have on-site laundry or any other amenities.

Still, if you're interested and think you qualify, you can create a profile and apply via NYC Housing Connect, or request a paper application by sending a self-addressed envelope Kings Villas c/o 260 Powers Street Brooklyn, NY 11211.

Per usual, you shouldn't send in multiple applications, or else you could be disqualified from the running altogether. The deadline to apply is February 4th.

Note: BrickUnderground is not affiliated with New York City public housing. If you are interested in applying to this or other affordable housing developments, please go to the NYC Housing Connect website for information and instructions.


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