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A washer/dryer or eat-in kitchen? New Yorkers know exactly which one they'd choose

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In the suburbs, eat-in kitchens and washers and dryers are de rigueur. In the city, either one is a dream come true. So we asked five of our fellow city-dwellers which they'd prefer.

  • For the chef…I’m assuming I have a formal dining room though, right? Then I would rather have a washer and dryer. Either way, I would still want a washer and dryer. I do believe food is truly important and must be enjoyed in a nice setting. So, if I didn’t have a formal dining room or eat-in kitchen, I would just dedicate a good part of my living room to a dining space. So for the effort and expense, I’d definitely choose to have a washer and dryer instead. —Kali, Hamilton Heights
  • Giving up the dining space is not that hard to do  Are you kidding? Washer and dryer all the way. To be honest, right now I have both. So I know, if I had to give up one of them, it would be the eat-in-kitchen. I don’t need it. It’s nice to have a breakfast spot, for sure. Or even the occasional dinner thing. But a washer and dryer is an absolute necessity. —Cassandra, Carroll Gardens
  • Conveyor belt of clothes Okay, so we have two sons, and we do always eat in the dining room. It’s just nice to have another space to be in other than just the living room. But would I trade it for a washer and dryer? Absolutely. Why? As I said, I have two sons. You can’t have an idea of how much laundry I do in a week. —Myrna, Upper West Side
  • Another point for the convenient laundry Washer and dryer, no question. I rarely cook anyway, so that’s not really important to me. A washer and dryer—in terms of expense and time and effort—is much, much more important. —Ankan, Morningside Heights
  • Essential vs. luxe A washer and dryer is essential to us. We come home at odd hours because I work in a cafe till closing. We have to be able to just throw a load in the washer and be done with it. Eat-in kitchen is nice but not essential. It’s nice to have a separate space to eat, or do some work. I’d love it. But between the two: washer-dryer wins for sure. —Samantha, Harlem

 Verdict: It's not a wash: Washers and dryers for the win.


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