Chic pet accessories that won't junk up your apartment

By BrickUnderground  | October 8, 2015 - 9:59AM

As any fashionable pet owner will confirm, nothing harshes the vibe of a well-furnished, curated apartment faster—except perhaps funky animal-related odors—than dowdy, cheesy accessories. And all vanity aside, doesn't your critter companion deserve the good stuff, too? 


Henri Bendel Packable Dog Bowl, $48. Technically, this collapsible server made of canvas, nylon and leather is more of a food bowl-on-the-go rather than your pet's permanent dining paraphernalia. But it's way too chic for once-in-a-while use. 

One Kings Lane Printed Box Pet Bed, $69. Marketed for cat or pooch, this generously sized polyester bed—this model's over three feet wide, but it also comes in smaller sizes and other hues—will add a playful dash of color to any room.



Modko Shake Dog Potty, $119.99. We admit to feeling a little squeamish about the idea behind this wee-wee pad replacement—in our mind, cleaning it would be akin to handling reusable cloth diapers—but it's more eco-friendly and certainly more palatable to look at than the paper alternative.


BowHaus Modern Pet Crate, $598.99. Pricey, yes, but adorable, no? And three cheers for trying to think outside the typical dog crate box. 


DIY Geometric Doghouse. This little number requires fairly serious carpentry and geometry skills, but if you're gifted with both, more power to you. 


ModKat Litter Box, $180. Quite possibly the chic-est littler box we've found on the Internet, this one comes with its own scooper that fits ever so nicely with the container itself. And hurray for bold, bright colors! 


Modern Cat Designs Large Litter Box Hider, $269. Talk about multi-purpose: This littler box holder—or, rather, "hider'—can double as a side table, and has a shelf that can hold all your cat accoutrements, too. 


Designer Catbox Litter Box, $119.95. First, let's acknowledge the obvious: Who'd want to hide a cat that cute? But the litter box is a different story, and this shabby chic piece can function both camouflage and bench seating.

Mox Litter Tower, $129.99. If you have another pet—say, a dog—this litter box lets your cat do its business without having another furry friend encroach on personal space. Plus, black-and-white goes with nearly every color scheme.

The Sebastian Modern Cat Tree, $264.95. You're not the only one who deserves a swanky place to hang out—your cat does, too. This wooden number gives your pet six "spaces" to chill, and will look good, too. 


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