Have a super who's driving you nuts (like a drunk and belligerent one)? Here's help

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New Yorkers seem to have a seemingly limitless arsenal of horror stories, from nightmare roommates to crazy commutes. And yes, supers.

In a new Ask Real Estate column in the New York Times, an Upper West Sider in a co-op is looking for advice on how to deal with a live-in superintendent who apparently gets belligerent after business hours, passing out in front of the building and getting into fights. Since the super doesn’t appear to be drunk during his 9-to-5 shift, the tenant is unsure of how to approach policing what he does on his own time.

Nightmare supers are hardly anything new, but we've got a cache of advice for you:

• Here's how one Midtown resident dealt with a super as corrupt as most politicians 

If your super is super-lazy, but belongs to a union, you may be in for quite a process getting him dismissed.

Yes, your super’s sex life could cost you money, though.

• And if your super's creepy, you may have an alternative to giving him a copy of your keys “in case of emergency.”

• And if you happen to have the opposite situation and are actually best friends with your super, you may still encounter problems, too.

In any case, a bad super situation is not always a permanent one.


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