5 New Orleans houses you can buy for the price of a Manhattan studio (or less)

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There may, eventually, come a day where we get tired of playing the game of "how much can you buy in other cities for the price of a New York apartment?" Today is not that day. And in case you haven't heard, the dream of New Yorkers moving to L.A. is already dead, with the city's latest exodus headed straight for New Orleans,  according to the New York Post.

The median price of a studio co-op—e.g. the cheapest, smallest type of apartment possible—in Manhattan is currently $380,000, according to Douglas Elliman's most recent round of market reports. So what can you get in New Orleans for the same price? Oh, tons of quaint, spacious old houses, of course. Let's have a look at 'em.

For $345,000, you can snap up this Greek Revival two-bedroom, two-bath house located a block away from the St. Charles Streetcar, and walking distance from both Tulane and Loyola as well as Audobon Park.

If you've ever dreamed of living in a pink house with a pink fence (we assume at least some of you have?), there's this $350,000 three-bedroom, three-bathroom Victorian at 2224 General Street in the city's Uptown area. The house features stained glass doors, porches, wood fireplaces, and a wet bar.

This $250,000 three-bedroom, two-bathroom in Lake Catherine has its own private dock, as well as a balcony, sun room, and wet bar. The master suite also features a large custom closet, "oversized jet tub," and custom built-in shower.

This three-story, five-bedroom house in Park Timbers has an in-ground pool in the back (complete with covered patio and half-bath), a home office on the ground floor, and a spacious open plan kitchen, all for $320,000. Now think about how far that money will (or won't) get you in NYC...


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